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"... an amazing example of what comedy can be. A way to visit your worst fears and laugh at them." - Louis C.K.

"Notaro’s resounding strength makes this album something that lifts the soul of the listener as much as it entertains" - Time

"It's an amazing, uncomfortable document, as Notaro relates her recent
run of tragedy" - Rolling Stone

"Tig Notaro's 'Live' lives up to its Louis C.K.-fueled hype" - Entertainment Weekly

"Notaro is a master of the art of counterintuitive comedy. In August
at L.A.'s Largo, during a now-famous performance being hailed as a
stand-up tour de force..." - LA Times

"Tig Notaro sells 75,000 copies of Live, is technically more popular than Kiss"
- A.V. Club

"30 minutes of masterful comedy" - Huffington Post

"filled with heartbreakingly funny observations" - Boston Globe

"It's a startling release; one that redefines the boundaries of what
comedy can achieve" - The Guardian

"These intimate interactions with the audience are a lot of what makes
Tig Notaro: Live an amazing listen." - Slate

"Live is the human condition, bone-weary and candid, placed before us without fanfare by one of our era’s most incisive and big-hearted wits; Live is the quietest triumph, a grief-borne obelisk displaying the strength of the human spirit better than any wilderness-survival memoir could hope to; Live is big-eyed, raw and grateful; Live is unbelievably funny." - eMusic