Tig Notaro Will Tour and Perform in the Homes of Her Fans in Her New Showtime Special

JULY 2, 2013

Showtime has greenlit an ambitious and unheard of documentary project from comedian Tig Notaro. The stand-up is on a quest to find her most loyal fans in order to perform in their homes, backyards, rooftops and more for a summer tour. The resulting special, under the working title "Knock Knock, It's Tig Notaro," will follow Notaro across the country as she gives private performances for dedicated fans. As usual, these performances will feature cameos from some of her funny and famous friends.

Today, Notaro kicked off a nationwide search for fans who are interested in hosting these home performances and participating in the film.  She'll be picking the most creative entries and compelling "venues." The application is similar to a job application, with a short bio and questions like "Why would you be a good host for this Tig performance?" and a description of where Tig would perform and who would be in the audience. Are you dedicated enough to host Tig Notaro for a special comedy set? Fans can apply to participate in the film at www.tigroadtrip.com. Check out the video invitation from Notaro herself below:

In early 2012, Notaro endured a series of back-to-back health crises and personal tragedies that would put most careers on indefinite hold. Instead, she took to the stage just a few days after her cancer diagnosis and put on a show that channeled all of the sadness, pain, terror, suffering and absurdity of the prior four months into a now-legendary set.  A tweet from Louis C.K. the next day lit the fuse: "In 27 years doing this, I've seen a handful of truly great, masterful standup sets. One was Tig Notaro last night at Largo."

Notaro's sophomore comedy album "LIVE" sold over 100,000 copies in just six weeks. She is slated to appear in the upcoming feature films "In a World" and "Walk of Shame," and in addition has closed a book deal with Ecco (of Harper Collins). She will executive produce the Showtime documentary.