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dear private diary….. I have good news and i have bad news. i was on the road eating lunch with my friend jimmy dore at a bennigans in a shopping mall in shreveport, LA (that’s the bad news) when all of a sudden a man come walkin up to me and said, “sorry to interrupt, but are you tig?” now, clearly, that’s the good news. I GOT RECOGNIZED AT A BENNIGANS IN A SHOPPING MALL IN SHREVEPORT, LA!!!!! is there no place to hide?! man o’ man is my career barreling towards the middle at an unsteady pace. on monday i go to lafayette to meet up with my friend shannon i grew up with. we’re staying the night there with her cousin paige and then heading to my hometown of pass christian, MS for a couple of days. by the way, it’s pronounced “pass chris-jan”. i think i remember someone telling me when i was little that it was the cajun pronunciation for christian. “the pass” (as the locals call it) is a kick-back beach town on the gulf coast. a lot of boating, fishing and sitting around goes on down there. my family there is extremly cool. they always welcome their weird LA comedian relative (and everything my life happens to come with) with open arms. i’m always amazed. they probably are too. my cousins kids in “the pass” and the ones in baton rouge think i’m famous. i always crack up thinking if someone who was ACTUALLY famous overheard such a thing. i mean, i’m famous, just, only in shreveport. anyway, after we leave “the pass”, shannon and i head back to louisianna to meet up with family and friends for the annual shrimp fest in delcombre! that’s pronounced dell-come by the way. a lot of bad dancing, singing karaoke in maw-maw and sheila’s backyard, having a shrimp boil on the shrimp boats docked at the harbor – blaring a little CCR, listenin to AMAZING cajun and zydeco bands and an occasional “no longer on the charts” country singer in the park, sampling all the locals homemade shrimp dishes (etufee, gumbo etc). atleast 15 people are crammed-in crashin at maw-maw and sheila’s 2 bdrm 1 bath house for the long weekend (and by the way, sheila never shares her room.)