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Tig Notaro’s “Live” Is Everything They Said It Would Be


I wanted to wait until I’d actually listened to Tig Notaro’s already legendary performance at Largo Theater in Los Angeles before I publicly endorsed it, because I am obviously very discerning with my tastes. Whenever someone describes a thing as incredible and moving and whatever other slew of overly positive adjectives, I am wont to avoid it entirely as I usually end up feeling like they are a dirty liar. After reacting in horror that someone hadn’t seen the stool bit, I thought I should go ahead and download “Live” (rhymes with give). Not because everyone else says it’s amazing but because I already know Tig Notaro is amazing. So I did. And well, shit. It’s everything all those idiots said it would be. So I’m another idiot telling you to go to Louis C.K.’s website and download it right now.

It doesn’t sound like stand-up. It’s weird. After four months that included a break-up, the unexpected death of her mother, pneumonia, a bacterial infection in her digestive tract, and cancer in both breasts, she found herself on stage full of tragedy and honesty. It’s a really moving sad story. Somewhere in there it found room to also be hilarious.

We all saw the ultimate embodiment of what comedy is supposed to do: deeply personal tragedies somehow transformed, with the enormous, necessary power of an open-hearted audience, into brilliantly-written truths that we’ll all take home with us and keep with us as long as we’ll have a sound-enough mind to remember that show. -Kira Hesser

Tig’s moving to New York to work on Amy Schumer’s new show, has a book deal, was on This American Life, and her comedy album, “Good One” continues to chart well. Apparently being one of the most well-respected people in her field wasn’t enough to make people give a shit but almost dying a couple times sure did.