Tig (affectionately named by her brother as a child) was born in Jackson, MS and raised by her single mother in Pass Christian, MS. During hot summer days, her artistic and free-spirited mother would feed the children all three meals at once, then hose down their diapered bodies in highchairs to cut back on cooking and cleaning, leaving more time for her to paint donkeys on the outside of their house. The family eventually moved to Texas, where they gained a new father who provided structure and alas...a house with no donkeys painted on the walls.

While serving time in a Texas high school, Tig failed three grades by entertaining classmates rather than entertaining the notion of a successful academic career. She decided to drop out of school in 9th grade and move to Denver, CO., where she worked briefly in the music industry before moving to LA to lodge herself firmly into the world of comedy.

Tig has appeared in a number of television shows and most notably as "Officer Tig" in THE SARAH SILVEMAN PROGRAM. Tig has also guest starred on THE OFFICE , COMMUNITY, BOB'S BURGERS, THE LIFE & TIMES OF TIM, IN THE MOTHERHOOD (with Megan Mullally and Cheryl Hines), DOG BITES MAN (with Zach Galifianakis), was a recurring guest-host on MOVIES AT OUR HOUSE, had her own half-hour special: COMEDY CENTRAL PRESENTS TIG, she's a regular on CONAN and has also appeared on LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON and JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE among others. Tig has become a regular on PRI's This American Life with Ira Glass and has contributed to The Moth storytelling series. Some of Tig's writing credits include THE 63rd PRIMETIME EMMY AWARDS hosted by Jane Lynch and THE 2010 MTV MOVIE AWARDS hosted by Aziz Ansari. In 2013, she made her feature film debut in IN A WORLD and can be seen in upcoming releases SHREVEPORT with Ryan Phillippe and WALK OF SHAME with Elizabeth Banks.

In 2006-2007, Tig performed as part of a series of house concerts across the country in the living rooms, basements, rooftops, garages, backyards, lofts and barns of fans. The tour featured rotating guest comics and local MCs in each town with occasional surprise celebrity drop-ins. Look for it on Showtime as a special: KNOCK, KNOCK ITS TIG NOTARO. In 2011, Tig released her first CD entitled GOOD ONE along with the DVD "Have Tig at Your Party." HTAYP features her standing still for an hour and speaking infrequently into the camera, in hopes of blending into any party once you press play. A la the burning log in the fireplace video. "Have Tig at Your Party" also includes an infomercial with testimonials from fellow actors and comedians about what it was like to actually have had Tig at their parties. Over the years, Tig has also worked on various short films funded by director Sam Raimi (Spider-man, Evil Dead, Simple Plan), and started the highly unknown and unsuccessful, "ZeroDollarsAndZeroSenseProductions" with her producing partner and childhood friend, Beth Schorr.

These days, Tig performs regularly at the Hollywood Improv, the UCB Theater, and Largo at The Coronet Theater in her monthly show, "Tig Notaro and Friends"..... and of course, headlining festivals, clubs, colleges, theaters, and living rooms across the universe.

Tig currently resides in Venice Beach, CA, on the same street as Julia Roberts, but in a much smaller house.

(Please do not share this information with anyone)

  • I love drawing Civil War portraits
  • Lucky number is 88
  • Favorite color is green
  • My great great grandfather was the mayor of New Orleans
  • My best friend was voted wittiest in high school
  • I am a high school drop out
  • As a kid I wanted to be a teacher, architect, rock star, veterinarian, lawyer or a cartoonist
  • Guilty pleasures are Americas Funniest Home Videos and walking upright
  • Favorite bands/musicians: The Pretenders, Willie Nelson, The Beatles, The Stones, Elton John, Neil Young, Cat Stevens, Ray Charles, Lucinda Williams, Van Halen, The Commodores, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, John Prine, Tom Waits, Alison Krauss Frightened Rabbit, and The Indigo Girls
  • I have played guitar since age 9 and drums since i was 22. I'm very rusty at both these days.
  • 75% of the time you'll find my car radio on country and all of my tires flat
  • Movies: Grease, Star Wars, Urban Cowboy, Harold and Maude, Easy Rider, Breaking Away and Mask
  • Actors: Kate Blanchett, Wes Bentley and Drew Barrymore
  • Influential/favorite comedians: Laura Kightlinger, Brian Regan, Paula Poundstone, Mitch Hedberg, Jon Dore, Sarah Silverman, Maria Bamford
  • Pretty much everyday I'm wearing argyle socks
  • Can't get enough of eucalyptis oil/salts
  • Sports: hiking, tennis, cycling, soccer, water skiing, fishing and boating
  • Foods: thai, mexican, cajun and raw
  • Astrological sign: Aries
  • My three biggest fears in the world are quicksand, contracting leprosy and being stranded alone bobbing in a lifevest with my legs dangling down in the middle of the ocean at night
  • I wanna go to Thailand, Iceland and Akron
  • Love birds, cats and fish
  • Currently writing a book very slowly
  • I am fascinated by lefties
  • Past jobs include: pizza delivery, child care, music promotion, barista, natural food store, assistant for Xena:Warrior Princess