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Love cover star Louis C.K.? Check out these up-and-coming comics

This week’s cover star Louis C.K. is often referred to as a comedian’s comedian, the kind of guy who considers the stand-up form sacred and takes his form and craft very seriously. In carving out his own personal area of the comedy world (one worth millions of dollars), he has not only cast himself as a singularity but also paved the way for a new wave of dynamic stand-ups who have thrived in today’s multi-platform environment mostly by tapping into their purest selves — just like Louis did.

So take a look at these five comics, all of whom seem ready to break out at a moment’s notice. You may not know them now… but you will…

Tig Notaro
Her deadpan style has recently led to a spin through the NBC comedy block — last season, she guested on both The Office and Community. She also used to show up regularly on The Sarah Silverman Program.

Obsessions: Her Mississippi upbringing; babies taking showers; Taylor Dayne

Key Bit: It’s a long listen, but Notaro’s surreal encounters with singer Taylor Dayne are mind-blowing.

Find Her: She co-hosts her weekly podcast Professor Blastoff, a fascinating hour that covers funny personal stories as well as deeper conversations about philosophy and science (after you listen to the Taylor Dayne bit above, be sure to listen to the podcast episode that features a guest appearance by Dayne herself). Pick up her stand-up album Good One and follow her updates at her official site.