Good One CD Review: Crave

Comedy Review: Tig Notaro’s “Good One”

I have an advanced copy of Tig Notoro’s new album. Want the 411?
By Sax Carr
August 02, 2011

There are very few comedians that have a truly unique style. You might not think that reading my reviews here on Crave, because every other person is one of these rare few. But again we are reviewing the album of a comedian who really does it like nobody else. A short listen and you’ll find her bone dry delivery mixed with extremely well painted verbal pictures enchanting. It starts slow and steady, but by the time she’s repeating the same phrase over and over again at the end of her Taylor Dane joke you’ll be rolling on the floor laughing.

The jokes are consistent, and the style unflinching. It’s a Tig album from start to finish, with none of that ugly forced enthusiasm that so many comics force into recordings. While listening I kept looking back at the albums cover and imagining that Tig never got any more excited than that.

The casual listener to Tig’s debut album may not fully understand why the audience is laughing at level 10, and they are laughing at level 9. Well it’s a case of “you had to be there” as Tig’s stage presence and extremely subtle facial expressions ad a lot to this experienced comics humor. It’s not so big a loss that the album isn’t amazing, but it certainly suggests to me that Tig might consider a DVD for the next release.

Break out tracks are probably:

#5 – Family Tree : Funny all day long, and then super funny in a surprising way at the end. I think this was my favorite track.

#6 – Can You Believe It: Another great one. I couldn’t believe it (sorry).

#9 and #10 – two of Tig’s more famous bits already. You don’t need me to tell you how funny they are.

#11 –Taylor Dane: As previously mentioned, this in had me laughing in fits.

#14 – Show’s Over: The spontaneous singing of Happy Birthday (Tig turns 40 at the time of the album’s recording) is pretty cute. Way funnier because some random guy in the audience yells out “Awww F@#K” in the middle of it for some reason.

All in all a fantastic listen. Maybe not comedy to rock out to in your car, but certainly some nice long laughs for a relaxing evening at home.