Theater Alive Melbourne Review

Review by Tessa Mineo

5 – 24 April, 2011
100 Swanston Street Melbourne 3000

Tig-You’re It.

“My jaw hurts, one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen!” –Bec Harrison

“Hilarious! Definitely one of the best shows this year” –Nicole Jones

“I went in there not expecting anything and came out with stomach cramps! Absolutely amazing!” –Angel Woollcott

Billed as ‘America’s Deadpan Diva’ Tig Notaro does not disappoint with her 2011 Melbourne International Comedy Festival performance. One of the funnier acts on the tour this year Notaro’s show is made up of random and casual anecdotes rather than a planned out, structured themed routine. This allows her to freely interact with the audience, which she does a lot, in fact she incorporates the audience into her show almost as a duet partner, frequently calling upon punters to divulge their experiences and understanding of the topic at hand.

Notaro’s stage presence is very enthralling. She is very coy and meek personality wise however she has the ability to mould that into her performance and it creates hilarious affect as it makes her seem like your regular, everyday woman up on stage getting embarrassed and nervous.

Her monotoned and robotic persona allows the use of awkward silences and timid mumbles to magnificent effect which are mirrored by her confident interaction with the crowd and belief in her content, which is truly funny.

Coming from a background working with personal friend and notorious comedian Sarah Silverman, Notaro bounces off her almost childlike anecdotes (eg: the self defence segment) and encompasses everyday shenanigans put forth to her audience in a side splitting 75 minute show.

Hecklers beware though; Tig Notaro’s lightening fast wit is the sharpest you will come across despite her seemingly lax facade. If you embarrass easily perhaps sit towards the back as you will more often than not be part of one of her many audience centred ‘bits’.