Rabbit Hole Urban Music Melbourne Review

RHUM Loves Tig Notaro: Tig Notaro @ MICF 2011

Written by The Shovel

When Tig Notaro walks onstage … nothing happens. And then, fifty minutes later the show finishes to thunderous applause. And still pretty much nothing happened. During the show, I even overheard the chick sitting next to me say to her friend, ‘but she’s not even doing anything!’ Therein lies the awesomeness of Tig Notaro. Her skill is the ability to make anything she does funny.

Whether it’s a glance, a shrug, a look, a significant pause, she makes it funny. Whether it’s a chance encounter in the street or a ‘do not disturb’ sign in a Mexican hotel room, she makes it funny. I found myself wanting to meet her afterwards for a beer, because you just know that she’d be hilarious to hang out with.

Onstage, she’s calm, unruffled, and almost quiet, pretty much the complete opposite to shouty, rapid-fire stand-ups. Without once raising her voice, swearing, or even being a little bit dirty, Tig kept the laughs coming.

There’s no theme or overriding story in this show. It’s just a steady stream of razor sharp observational comedy and audience interaction. Nothing gets by her; the weird laugher down front, the drum-beats from the street, the tap dancer in the back. She asks questions, gets answers, and makes it hilarious with seemingly little effort.

The story about continually bumping into Taylor Dayne was the highlight of the set pieces, a ten-minute gem, almost worth the ticket price by itself. But when she did a Star Wars joke that most of the audience didn’t get, but I thought hilarious, that’s when I fell a little bit in love.

Tig Notaro is a gun. You should go and see her show.

Chuckle Factor: 4.5 / 5