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Tig Notaro’s a Skillful Gag Weaver

Mikey Cahill From:
Herald Sun April 11, 2011 4:44PM

-Tig Notaro at Melbourne Town Hall until April 24-

Do you remember late ’90s warble-diva Taylor Dayne? She had huge hits with Tell It To My Heart and Can’t Get Enough of Your Love.

Sahara-dry American comedian Tig Notaro not only remembers Dayne, she just keeps bumping into her, an occurence ripe for rich comic fodder.

Notaro lets a 14-minute joke about Taylor Dayne slowly undulate until we are laughing like injured seals.

This is Notaro’s modus operandi; she takes off-beat subjects and weaves calm little spells around them, putting an innocuous hex on us until we laugh – together, uproariously, uncontrollably – at precisely the moment she wants us to.

BFF of Sarah Silverman, Notaro takes her sweet time delving into disparate subject matters like Yoda’s flexibility, post-laugh sigh-laughter, different GPS tones and the curious translation of “Do Not Disturb” signs in Spanish.

In any other hands her material simply wouldn’t work … but Notaro guides us through an hour like it’s 15 minutes.

At my show she spent a little time finding out who in the crowd had learnt self-defence.

A not-so-bright crowd member got fed up with Tig’s question and had the audacity (stupidity?) to tell Notaro that she’d “come to see you” and not answer questions about herself.

Notaro’s faux offence and delicious pauses resulted in genius improvisation that took us into some kind of meta-Mecca.

Similarly, at a show a few nights back, Notaro’s mic-stand was placed on stage the wrong way … so she delivered 5 minutes facing away from the crowd. Incredible.

Notaro? No moleste!