Campus Circle “Tig Has Friends” w/Parks & Rec Cast Review

Tig Notaro
March 13 @ Largo at the Coronet
Are you one of those Angelenos who fancy yourself a frustrated New Yorker at heart? I know, I know, Los Angeles is the city everyone loves to hate. But I challenge all of you haters to enjoy an evening at Largo and
find your inner “I love L.A.” child. I had the privilege of seeing Tig Notaro with the cast of “Parks and Recreation” at the venue and found myself feeling like a guest at the world’s coolest party. Known for her work on “The Sarah Silverman Program,” Notaro is a comedian with her own special brand of deadpan. In typical Largo fashion, Sarah Silverman just happened to be on hand to introduce Notaro’s set and got in a few chuckles of her own. “Park and Rec”’s affable Nick Offerman sang a couple of hilarious songs about romance and religion that managed to be both sweet and strange. Fellow castmates Aziz Ansari and Retta followed Offerman with
some stand-up of their own, and I had a whole new appreciation for them as actors and as comedians – their stand-up material revealing the person behind their indelible characters. After the individual hijinks ended, Notaro played the role of interviewer, with the underrated and hysterical Amy Poehler and the uber-funny Aubrey Plaza joining Ansari, Offerman and Retta for a round of non sequitur-stream-of-consciousness-riffing. They
even took some questions from the audience, which resulted in a possible date for Plaza and a doppelganger for Ansari. All in all an evening to remember and make me wonder why I don’t go to Largo every night.
—Angela Matano
Largo at the Coronet is located at 366 N. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles. For more information,